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We are bolt design

A high-end multidisciplinary design firm, specializing in large-scale hospitality, commercial, and event spaces.

Bolt Design Group was founded on the idea that quality design has the capability of great influence. Whether cultural, societal, familial, or the haptic sensation of an unsuspecting detail, design can encompass a transformative power. At Bolt Design, we strive to harness that power at all scales of design and reveal it through the unfolding of the narrative journey of each individual space.


always evolving

At Bolt Design, we understand that architecture is an evolving entity which must embrace its changing surroundings while maintaining its connection with its functional responsibilities. A well designed space is one that encapsulates its functional goals while pushing the ideas of what a built structure/enclosure can be, thus providing enriched and novel experiences.

Constantly, technology provides the platform to rethink the capabilities of design through new techniques and fabrication processes. With this technology expanding at an exponential rate, architectural design has been reenergized in its ability to test, execute, and create new means and methods of design realization.


our services

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design & execution

At Bolt Design Group we offer a full service approach to high-end design.

We look at the full scope of the project from all perspectives: designer, patron, client, & builder. We love to get into the process of how things come together and work directly with fabricators to push the perceived limitations of design.

Our team looks to the worlds of visual & sculptural art, fashion, and graphic design to inspire new forms and relationships within formed space.

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Complete design consultation & execution of design projects specializing in high-end hospitality & event spaces.

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Creating efficient and well designed spaces to prioritize patron experience.

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Our team offers a full-service approach from schematic design through management of all construction.


meet the team

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Matt Dennis

Founder + Lead Designer

Peter Long  - Interior Designer

Jeremy Hill

Project Manager + Senior Designer

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Geehye Kim

Senior Designer

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Some of our recent clients