Through multiple formal studies relating to the biology of seeds, a series of interior volumes were molded to form a 50-unit housing complex in Soho, Manhattan.  The structure uses the rigid orthagonal grid that exists on most buildings in the surrounding neighborhood.  The new construction initially stays true to the grid, however, eventually the grid begins to deform, expanding and contracting in response to the interior forces, revealing the logic set forth on the inside of the building.  The building exposes the interior information and pressures in a literal ways to convey the energy and individuality of each unit.

Nature has created a vast library of means and methods of creating spatial conditions on an individual cell level.  Through the investigation of the storage and containment of plant seeds, the idea of generating the framework of unforeseen emergent living spaces was developed. Starting with a symmetrical frame, the interior programmatic forces began to influence and inform the framework creating a new level of complexity as well as grander variation of space and adjacency.