The world we occupy is part of a grand moving system - everything moving at its own speed and scale.  Sound, People, ideas, Light, Wind; all of our senses are in constant motion, assessing and navigating the changing tide of our world, always moving & adjusting.  This architectural experience is meant to capture the dynamism of human life and provide a way to feel this pulsating motion of life in a new way and at a new scale.  Yes, we are familiar with ourselves and how we move, however this is an attempt to abstract the geometries we form from this movement and begin to form the self we consider to be our "person".

This project explores the connection of the mind to the body and skin.  The body in space and the space in between bodies - this project is an investigation meant to understand the movements of the human body and how bodies in space influence the movement of others around them.  How does it feel to occupy this medium of space outside our own body/self and feel your own influence as well as the influence of those around you? How does your perception of your self and your movement change when confronted with the experience of sensing and experiencing the movement of others in a semi-solid state, medium state?  Sound, Light, and Movement all effect the way a space is experienced.  This project is meant to explore the perspective of experiencing a semi-solid, medium space, which toes the line between abstract experiential visuals and compelling architectural spaces.