Bolt Design Group is a high-end multidisciplinary design firm, specializing in large-scale hospitality, commercial, and event spaces.

Bolt Design Group was founded on the idea that quality design has the capability of great influence.  Whether cultural, societal, familial, or the haptic sensation of an unsuspecting detail, design can encompass a transformative power.  At Bolt Design, we strive to harness that power at all scales of design and reveal it through the unfolding of the narrative journey of each individual space.  Through the careful marriage of classic proportions and innovative design techniques, we bring to life a new design aesthetic that is both familiar and unorthodox.

At Bolt Design, we understand that architecture is an evolving entity which must embrace its changing surroundings while maintaining its connection with its functional responsibilities.  A well designed space is one that encapsulates its functional goals while pushing the ideas of what a built structure/enclosure can be, thus providing enriched and novel experiences.

Constantly, technology provides the platform to rethink the capabilities of design through new techniques and fabrication processes.  With this technology expanding at an exponential rate, architectural design has been reenergized in its ability to test, execute, and create new means and methods of design realization.  


  • Complete Design Consultation & Execution specializing in High-End Hospitality & Event Space Design
  • Comprehensive Design Strategy for New and Existing Structures
  • Conceptual Programming & Circulation Strategy (creating efficient and well designed space to prioritize patron experience)
  • Project Management
  • Full FFE Services (Complete Selection of all Finishes & Control of communication between client & vendors)
  • 3D Modeling & Photorealistic Rendering of Designed Spaces
  • Photorealistic Animation of Interior & Exterior of Space
  • Production of Complete Working Drawing Set for Construction Document Release
  • Custom Furniture & Lighting Design
  • 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping for all custom elements




Matthew Dennis - Lead Designer + Project Manager

Matt Dennis is an architectural designer specializing in Hospitality and Event Space Architecture.  Matt received his Masters of Architecture from Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn, NY and his Bachelors Degree from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.













GEEHYE KIM - Senior Designer

Geehye Kim has currently graduated a BFA Interior Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. 

She interprets interior design as a communication tool between people, culture, and the world. This interconnectedness is what first attracted her to become an interior designer. Just as a small work of art can move people, Geehye believes that a well-designed space can equally move people’s hearts.

Her prior studies in ceramic arts and industrial design allows her to think creatively and to have a unique point of view towards the art of making spaces and objects in addition to acquiring a variety of abilities that a young designer should have.